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Shopping small for the holidays

Posted December 10, 2021  |   Topics: Wallet Wisdom

If you’re an avid user of online shopping and store-to-door delivery subscriptions, figuring out where to make changes could be a challenge. Never fear, LMCU is here!

At LMCU, reinvesting into our communities is an important initiative. In fact, you may have noticed some content on LMCU’s social media about shopping small. 

Look local first.

Assuming you’ve read LMCU’s blog on Holiday Spending and you’ve checked your list (twice), the first mindful thing you can do is to simply look around at what’s available to you. Shopping small 100% of the time is nearly impossible. Make supporting local businesses, when you can, a priority. Before shopping at a big box store, see what options your community has locally. Not only is it likely you’ll find most things on your list, but maybe upgrade an item or two for something handmade and of higher quality. Any spending you move from large enterprises to your local businesses not only helps that small business thrive but your community as a whole.

Keep in mind good things take time.

Have you ever gotten that proud feeling from finishing a project all on your own? Or noticed how much better food tastes when someone that you know and love has cooked it for you? That same sensation can come from purchasing goods and services locally, too! It’s hard to know everything that goes on behind the scenes with large enterprise retailers. Another perk to reinvesting in your community is knowing where that investment is going and seeing it make a difference in real-time. Just remember that if it's your online business that's transitioning over to a smaller retailer, it could mean a bigger lead-time on how long it takes to locate the item and when the products will get to you. But, it'll be worth the wait.

Tell your friends!

In this day and age, with how accessible social media is, if you see a commercial or a billboard advertisement it’s likely that it’s not been provided by a small business. Instead, small businesses thrive in the social sphere. Give the small businesses that you love a helping hand just by spreading the word to your friends. This means that if you already have a small business or two that you've found, bringing them new customers during the holidays is a great way to help their business!


Topics: Wallet Wisdom