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5 Steps to Furnish Your Dorm Room on a Budget

Posted August 24, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change

Dorm rooms are created with efficiency in mind: a place to sleep, a place to study and a place for your clothes. If you’re in the market for figuring out how to change things up, here are a few budget-minding ideas on how to do so!

Back to school is a time of the year that marks change and transition. After uncertain times, it might be refreshing to get back into annual routines: like moving back to campus. The majority of students spent last school year adapting to a different learning environment. Now that life is returning to what it used to be, it can be important to have a comfortable space to call your own.


1 – Rearrange

It’s impressive how drastically a room can change from just shifting the layout a bit. Before unpacking, give a little thought into what parts of your dorm you think you’ll use most! If you’re a solo-studier and prefer to be in your own space versus a public library, you’ll probably want your desk to be easily accessible. If not, turn it into a coffee station. Lofting your bed is almost always an option, and if you’re not worried about heights then it’s a good choice for optimizing space! There are many ways to organize, so get creative and try a few different options before going and making big purchases.


2 – Repurpose

Another easy solution to saving money, while furnishing your space, is to simply bring the stuff from home that you already have. Figure out how you can incorporate things from your space at home into your new space at school! Set that old clock from your wall on your new desk. Bring that mirror your mom found at a garage sale to prop on your dresser to cut down how much time you have to spend getting ready in a shared bathroom. Ask your parents or grandparents if they have any items they wouldn’t mind you borrowing if there are a few things that you find yourself without! You’d be surprised how many old microwaves and back-up coffee pots can be buried in storage. Get creative with things you already have access to without having to spend a cent!


3 – Thrift

If there’s still something you need that you can’t repurpose, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect quirky addition to your space, thrifting is alive and thriving. A quick search on your phone should populate thrift options – or if you’re a Facebook Marketplace shopper, see what’s selling in your area! Keep safety in mind if considering any online second hand options, make sure it’s a credible seller before giving out any personal information. New location could mean new finds, whether that’s checking out the local second-hand shops or what’s online locally as well!


4 – DIY

Regardless of how crafty you are, in this day and age there’s a Do-It-Yourself for everyone. Whether it’s applying removable wallpaper to surfaces or creating curtains out of scarves there are DIY’s for all levels of artistry. It can even be as simple as adding a frame to something unconventional such as an interesting notebook cover design, your favorite book’s dust jacket, or a collage of photo prints. Twinkle lights are a crowd favorite that alters the mood of any room to a cozy, intimate space. Easy organization tips, such as rolling your clothes instead of folding them can make a significant difference in how many items you can fit in storage spaces!


5 – Research

In the end, if you find you're unhappy with the space you have, look for inspiration before making any big, permanent purchases. There are endless resources at your disposal, you just have to put in the time to find them! If you do the research and plan out your space while keeping budget in mind, it’s likely you’ll customize your dorm in a lasting and economic way.


Have fun creating something you’re proud of!



Topics: Pocket Change