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6 Noteworthy Road Trip Ideas

Posted July 5, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change

Whether it's for summer vacation, the next holiday commute or moving house, road trips are unavoidable ventures that can either be a fun memory or a harrowing feat.  Here are a few notes to help make the next one more enjoyable!

1. Playlists

New age technology means new age perks, but some traditions remain the same — mix tapes. Except now there are mobile applications that aid in immediately organizing your tunes! Spend some time searching for staples from your music collection to help pass the time on the road, or educate the youngsters with timeless classics. There are plenty of free music platforms to choose from, and most come with playlists created by other users if you are on the lookout for new artists on your adventure.

2. Games

Sure, there are apps on phones that turn hours into minutes, but those are usually solo conquests and not as inclusive for folks that need to keep their eyes on the road. Why not revert back to the ageless car ride games that get the whole crew involved? A few suggestions would be: The “License Plate Game,” an attempt to spot as many different state plates as possible (extra points if you spot an LMCU one!). “Name this Artist,” turn on the radio and see who can guess what song is playing the fastest! If you’re down to do a little bit of planning beforehand, research the route you’ll be taking and put together a “Bingo” game of exciting things along the way. Lastly, for the more creative bunch, play “Triple Threat” which involves one person picking out three nouns and letting someone else come up with a story that’s centered on those chosen words!

3. Cozy Comforts

Car seats are comfortable, to an extent, and it’s likely that your crew members are going to acclimate to temperatures differently than you. Bring along some essential cozy gear, like your go-to hoodie or favorite blanket and pillow as a simple solution to upgrade the luxury of your journey.

4. Snacks

Food is usually an afterthought once you hit the open road, but with just a little bit of planning you can save extra money (more for souvenirs!) and curb your hunger without having to make multiple stops. Avoid anything that can melt, unless you have a cooler to keep your munchies in. Easy go-to’s include pop tarts, trail mix, fruit strips/snacks, jerky or your favorite bag of chips. Fruit that can remain at room temperature works, too, so long as you know you’re going to eat it! Two-day old bananas don’t make for the best car aroma. Bottles of water are always good, and these days come in large sizes! Bring along your own container to split one bottle among the group.

5. Mobile Ordering

Forget your snacks? Maybe you don’t mind the expense, or are a foodie and excited about some eclectic restaurants along the way. Pre-pandemic, mobile ordering was on the rise, and now almost every food chain has implemented their own mobile system. Skip the line and see what’s available online. If where you want to go doesn’t have online ordering, it’s likely you’ll find a menu or two and the whole crew can already figure out what they want before even entering the establishment!

6. Navigation

In current times, it’s so easy to punch in the address on your GPS and let technology do all the work. While that’s probably the most accurate way to ensure your arrival and monitor traffic times, it’s likely that some of your companions have never taken the time to look at a physical map or atlas. Use the long trip ahead for learning by purchasing a road atlas ahead of time so others can follow along and see how much distance has been covered!


Having ideas in your back pocket will ease the hours spent on the road and add to the memories you're sure to make while adventuring!

Topics: Pocket Change