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Big Financial Decisions

Posted June 3, 2021  |   Topics: Wallet Wisdom

Big financial decisions.

Are wedding bells in your future? Here are the top four things you should discuss with your future spouse to get your finances ready to walk down the aisle.

1. Your current debt.

It’s critical to review the status of you and your partner’s debt. Take a look at the full picture including any student loans. credit card, auto loans, mortgages or other debts. Decide together how you want to tackle that debt before you tie the knot.

2. Your budgeting strategy.

They say you’re either a spender or a saver and that they tend to marry one another. But no matter your money habits, be sure to set an agreed-upon budget and review it monthly. Total up all your income and decide what percentage you want to spend on things like housing, cars, gas, food and all others. Keep an open line of communication on your spending.

3. Checking and saving account management.

Another big point of conversation will be if you want to share a checking/savings account or keep them separate. And if you do choose to keep them separate, who will pay for what expense? Knowing this ahead of time will help keep bills paid on time. The great news is no matter what option you choose LMCU offers free, no fee checking accounts and member-to-member transfer options.

4. Housing — make it your own.

Deciding where to live is a big discussion for any couple. Depending on your situation you may be strategizing how you want to save for a down payment, or if one partner is already a homeowner, if that’s the house you’ll make a home together. For many couples, this will be their first time buying a home and LMCU offers down payment options with as little as 3% down.*


Before you cut the cake, visit to explore checking account, mortgage or debt consolidation solutions. Or stop by your local branch.


*For well-qualified buyers.


Topics: Wallet Wisdom