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DIY Sofa Side Table

Posted May 7, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change

Customize your own sliding sofa side table. 

Everything you need for movie night will be within arm’s reach with this stylish and convenient table. 

This intermediate-level project can be constructed in a day and enjoyed while you relax with some hard-earned couch time in the evening. Learn how to tailor this design to fit your favorite sofa or armchair.

Materials you will need for sofa table.

  • 1 - 4’x2’ furniture grade plywood sheet
  • 1 – 6’x3” poplar board
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Stain
  • Clear Finish
  • Screws/Nails

Directions for the sofa table.

  1. Review and acquire all needed goods for the project.
  2. Review all cut instructions.
  3. Cut all wood (or use your local lumber department).
  4. Sand all pieces of wood to a finish smooth state.
  5. Stain top liberally, and after drying lightly sand smooth the fibers that have risen.
  6. Assemble the base using a combination of glue as well as a finish nailer or screw gun. If using screws, make sure to pre-screw the holes making sure the diameter of the bit is smaller than the actual screw.
  7. Once assembled, prime base, and after drying lightly sand smooth the fibers that have risen.
  8. Apply finish paint to the base of the table. If needed, it may require multiple coats.
  9. Apply a clear coat, sealing the top of the table.
  10. The top can be applied in one of two ways, via finish nailer leaving a small hole that can be filled with a colored wood putty or screws which can be covered/not covered by dowels and then sanded smooth and stained. If the latter is the case, applying the clear coat would shift to step 10.
  11. You’re all done!

Video directions for sofa side table.

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Topics: Pocket Change