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Pena’s Poutine

Posted May 29, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change

New LMCU Ballpark snack is sure to be a hit! 

This new poutine with a Cuban flair will be your new favorite snack. 

This soon-to-be fan favorite is sure to hit the spot if you’re craving a hearty snack. It happens to be Pena’s personal favorite ballpark treat.

Specially designed to fit our own Field Manager’s unique taste buds, this version of poutine is like no other. Poutine is traditionally a dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. It emerged in Quebec, Canada in the 1950’s. Pena’s version of Poutine was invented right here in Comstock Park, MI in 2021 when tradition collided with coaching. The Whitecaps culinary team turned to the test kitchen in an attempt to create the perfect poutine combination for our team’s leader. 

The recipe was inspired by the Cuban Sandwich. It starts with layers of waffle fries and battered pickle fries mixed in with spicy cheese curds. It's topped with hickory-smoked pulled pork and Founders Dirty Bastard ground mustard. The outcome is the most unique combination in baseball.

Topics: Pocket Change