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Spring cleaning is nice, but Spring renovating is “Niiiiiiice!”

Posted April 1, 2019  |   Topics: Home Financing & Renovation

You’ve had plenty of time to sit and stare at the interior of your house over the past few months. But you haven’t let the lack of sunshine stop you from daydreaming about a new backsplash, wood floor, or a bathroom vanity. And now that you’re done hibernating, LMCU’s MaxEquitySMcan help turn your winter cave into your spring castle.

Our MaxEquity Line of Credit empowers you to make purchases as you go. You’ll start with a credit limit and payoff the balance on your schedule just like a credit card.

LMCU’s MaxEquity Fixed Rate Loan lets you borrow a lump sum of money, and pay it back over a set period of time. You choose the term length that fits your budget.

Whether you are looking to do a small project or if you’ve got something ambitious in mind, like a whole new kitchen, home theater, or built-in pool (it’s like an ice-skating rink but melted), LMCU’s MaxEquity is the simple fast, and affordable way to finance your home improvement project.

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Topics: Home Financing & Renovation