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How Technology can Help you Manage your Finances

Posted March 19, 2021  |   Topics: Wallet Wisdom

All of us are seeking out ways to make being an adult a little easier. Managing your finances can be a chore, but you may be able to use technology to your advantage. Here are a few tips and tricks you may not be using yet that could help streamline your process.

1. Automatic Bill Pay

Paying bills online is nice, but it tends to be a hassle signing into multiple accounts for a bunch of different companies. An easy solution is to set up automatic Bill Pay through your LMCU account. Bill Pay allows you to schedule recurring payments, track your payment, and set reminders all from one central hub. This is an easy and secure way to manage all your payments each month.


2. Mobile check deposit

Yes, paper checks do still exist. If you find yourself with an old-fashioned paper check, you may expect to visit one of our branches soon. Instead, download our mobile app and deposit straight from your phone. Thanks for the birthday check, Grandma.


3. Transfer funds

If a friend or family member banks with LMCU, take advantage of our member-to-member transfer. Access this feature through online banking or the mobile app. Now your brother won’t have an excuse to not chip in on mom’s birthday present.


4. Mobile app

If you are used to online banking, give our mobile app a try. It’s easy to access multiple accounts with just one login. View account name, available balance, and recent transactions at a glance. You’ll have access to all our online banking features and more.


5. Card freeze

The best part of online banking is the control you have of your finances. Monitor your transactions to spot suspicious activity fast. If you see transactions you haven’t made, you can turn off your credit or debit cards with the click of a button. If you tend to misplace your keys, glasses, or credit card like the rest of us, have peace of mind knowing you can freeze your lost card until you find it or get a replacement.


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Topics: Wallet Wisdom