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Start saving for the holidays, today!

Posted October 20, 2020  |   Topics: Savings Tips, Wallet Wisdom, Pocket Change

The holiday countdown has begun.

Soon Halloween will arrive and, days after, retail stores will immediately change displays and advertising over to winter holidays. The average consumer spends around $1,000 during the holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation. Perhaps COVID-19 has changed your financial situation this year. Now is a great time for families to think about saving up before the winter holidays.

Breaking down the down payment.

Posted October 14, 2020  |   Topics: Wallet Wisdom, Mortgage

Three things to know before deciding how much to put down.

How much should I put down on my new home? Can it impact my chances of getting a loan? How does my down payment affect my mortgage payment? If you’re buying a new home, you probably have questions about the down payment. Here are three things to know before deciding how much to put down.

Making (and sticking to) a budget.

Posted September 9, 2020  |   Topics: Savings Tips, Wallet Wisdom

Four Steps to get You Started.

Making a budget can be intimidating. Sticking to it can feel impossible. But a budget simply tells your money where to go. So if you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “Where does all our money go?”, here are 4 steps — and a few tips — for making and sticking to a budget.

How to manage your debt and improve your DTI ratio

Posted June 23, 2020  |   Topics: Home Financing & Renovation, Wallet Wisdom

What is DTI ratio?

Before you can improve your DTI ratio, it helps to know what a DTI ratio is. DTI stands for debt-to-income. It’s a comparison of your monthly debt payments versus your monthly income. Your calculated DTI ratio is used to help lenders get an idea of how well you manage monthly expenses, which helps them determine if you’ll be able to repay a loan.