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Pena’s Poutine

Posted May 29, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change

New LMCU Ballpark snack is sure to be a hit! 

This new poutine with a Cuban flair will be your new favorite snack. 

DIY Sofa Side Table

Posted May 7, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change

Customize your own sliding sofa side table. 

Everything you need for movie night will be within arm’s reach with this stylish and convenient table. 

What Kind of Boat Should You Buy?

Posted May 5, 2021  |   Topics: Wallet Wisdom, Education

The breeze blowing in your hair, the warm sun on your face, the smell of sunscreen, and the sound of the water gently lapping around you. Sounds nice? Yeah, we thought so too.

LMCU May 2021 Newsletter

Posted April 29, 2021  |   Topics: Newsletters

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Learn what's happening at LMCU.


ATTENTION: We will be closed Monday, May 31 in honor of Memorial Day.

Building your dream home

Posted April 29, 2021  |   Topics: Home Financing & Renovation, Wallet Wisdom, Mortgage

Steps to make building your dream home a reality.

Your careful planning and preparation and our low mortgage rates can help make building your own home a reality. But first, you’ll want to make sure you’re really ready by following these important steps.
You can also visit to learn even more or use our handy calculators to see what it will take to open the door to your new address.

Paint Like a Pro

Posted April 16, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change, Education

If you are looking to update your home and save a bit of money, painting might be the project for you. Painting is one of the most attainable DIY projects for a homeowner. Before you begin, it’s important to do a little research to make sure the investment is worth the effort.

DIY Window Picture Frames

Posted April 10, 2021  |   Topics: Pocket Change

Try this budget friendly DIY project for beginners.

DIY window picture frames are the perfect Saturday project for beginners.


What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Mortgage Loan

Posted April 2, 2021  |   Topics: Home Financing & Renovation, Wallet Wisdom, Mortgage

Spring is here and the housing market is booming! Purchasing a new home is on many people’s minds, maybe even yours. Before you jump feet-first into the home buying process, you may want to first learn about what is involved when applying and qualifying for a mortgage.

If you’re preparing to buy your first home, you can make the process easier by learning as much as you can about the mortgage process before you find your dream home. Knowing what to expect allows you to plan ahead and will help you find the loan program that best meets your financial situation.


LMCU April 2021 Newsletter

Posted April 1, 2021  |   Topics: Newsletters

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Strategies to save for your down payment on your home

Posted March 29, 2021  |   Topics: Home Financing & Renovation, Mortgage

Considering homeownership? One of the biggest expenses to save for when becoming a homeowner is saving up for the down payment. One of the many myths about the down payments is that buyers need to put at least 20% down on a home, when, in reality, that’s not always the case. In 2020, the median first-time homebuyer financed their home with less than 7% down.* And at LMCU, we’ve financed many homes for as little as 3% down. On a $250,000 home, 7% down is $17,500. It might seem like a lot, but if you start saving now, you can chip away at it little by little.

Once you’ve determined your down payment goal, it’s time to start saving using these strategies:

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